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One of the challenges faced by mobile developers is to combat OS and device fragmentation to make sure their app works across different devices used by their consumers. I delivered a talk recently at Android Summit to compare existing public device clouds from major cloud providers to demonstrate how easy it is to get started with cross-device cloud testing. Read on to learn more or just see the video from my talk.

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Hi shauvik,

Thank you for a great article on testing. I found a few discrepancies around App Center:

  • App Center has over 260 devices, it’s actually closer to 3000. It is both Android and iOS devices where Android goes from 2.2.x to 9.x and on iOS there is support from version 9.x to 12.x.
  • There is also an enterprise pricing option at $499 but with unlimited device hours.


Thanks for clarifying @Villars_Gimm! Excited to hear that you have an enterprise offering with unlimited device hours. We will get the information fixed on the blog shortly.